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Who are we?


is creating a space where people can “Be Brave"

We help become emotionally, spiritually, and mentally healthy using vulnerable conversation.

Giving a Speech
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We are dedicated to improving the lives of those who battle suicide ideation, self-harm, and mental health by creating a brave space for vulnerability and conversations. We empower students, families, and community leaders to heal emotional, relational, and spiritual wounds through evidence-based practices.


We equip people to...

BRAVELY PURSUE: Pursue answers to questions about what we feel and why? 


BRAVELY SHARE: Honest & open dialogue that leads to freedom.

BRAVELY BUILD DREAMS: We create opportunities to equip people to pursue their dreams but removing limiting beliefs.

And we do all of this via intentional programming.

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BRAVE SPACE is an organization that is built for the community. We currently offer a 6 class curriculums for students in school and small events that offer a space for creative expression. We desire to partner with schools, churches,  local creatives, local nonprofits, or businesses and serve  multigenerational, multi ethnic, and multi-class groups of people.

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