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Why Brave Space?

Our History

According to the CDC in 2021, suicide was the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-14 and 20-34.3 (CDC).


Brave Space began as a response to the mental health crisis impacting students in Michigan, after our founder, knew a student who tragically took his life at the age of 18. In 2021, Brave Space was privately funded and began working with students at a youth ministry, using poetry prompts and writing techniques to help students identify their emotions and find healthy ways to communicate them. In September 2022 Brave Space become a registered 501C3 and began to expand its services outside of the youth ministry program and into the public school system. In 2022, Brave Space gathered an advisory council of counselors, teachers, certified psychotherapists and trained dialogue facilitators to evaluate, test and add evidence based practices to the Brave Space curriculum. In 2022, Brave Space received the “Health Equity Council Mini Grant” to expand its services into Ingham County Schools. In 2023 Brave Space has expanded its services to Ottawa County by partnering with Escape Minsitries to implement the “Became Brave” curriculum with their High School students. Brave Space is a non-profit organization with a mission to help students have tools to prevent them from taking their lives or others.

Brave Space Student Feedback

Brave Space Student Feedback


We are dedicated to improving the lives of those who battle mental health, suicide ideation and self-harm by creating a brave space for vulnerability and conversations. We desire to empower students to lead their own lives and learn how to healthily process their emotions. We empower students, families, and community leaders to heal emotional and relational wounds through evidence-based practices. We help students move from reactions to responses, and value living a resilient, empowered life.


We want low income schools and organizations to have access to all of our services and remove any financial barrier by partnering with donors who have resources they can give. 

Brave Space is seeking to increase its reach by partnering with organizations that already serve Middle School & High School students in after school or in school programming. Our hope is with donors and partners we can serve

a) Students who come from an adverse childhoods

b) Students who are battling depression or suicide ideation 

c) Students who are in BIPOC communities

Our goal is to offer our evidence based curriculum that includes art therapy, emotional health intelligence training and resilience training to help students be better prepared to live empowered lives. 

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